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A brief history of "Jazz at O Bs"

It was on the last Thursday of June 1982 that two avid jazz musicians, namely Arthur Tanner on piano and Alex Webb on drums decided to start a jazz Club in Brentwood. It was Alex who came up with the idea when he held a position at the "Old House".
This was the beginning of
"Jazz at the Old House", as it became known, which continued for almost thirty years throughout the 80's and 90's until June 2010 when Brentwood Borough Council, owners of the Old House, stopped the letting of the premises for the property to be sold.
During this period of time there was a regular house band which began with Arthur Tanner, keyboard, Alex Webb, drums, John Strellitz, bass, Curly Holiday, trumpet and Terry Porter, saxophone and included at various times changes that saw Frank Warby, Peter Crane and Eddie Johnson, all on bass, join over the ensuing years. Alex Webb was running a business and had to give up the gig which brought in Barry Grant on drums and at the same time Arthur Tanner was running another band with Jan Goodman who then joined as a vocalist and subsequently replaced by Jo Burman.

It was sometime in the 1990's that our current host, Dave Grant, took up the running of the Club with a regular rhythm trio of John China, piano, Eddie Johnson, bass and Dave Grant on drums and then guests were invited to sit in which brought a whole host of talented musicians through the doors of the diminutive "Old House" which became house full with around 40/45 people in the audience. The list of guest musicians and vocalists who have appeared over the years is endless but some of the most frequent visitors will include Johnny Withers, Phil Snack, Pete Neighbour, Dominic Ashworth, Mike Barry, Bruce Boardman, Sharon Scott, Rex O'Dell, Julian Marc Stringle, Gary Wood, Tim Huskisson, Martin Nickless, Ted Beament, Sandra Lambert, Jeff Lardner, Jenny Carr, Paul Higgs, Andy and Ryan Linham, Murray Salmon, Derek Clenshaw, Graham Pike, Al Nicholls, Carole Braithwaite, Tony Gooderham, Mike Cotton and Kate Daniels.
Luckily, following closure of the "Old House" at the beginning of 2012, our current host, Dave Grant found the opportunity to hold gigs at another venue, The Bardswell Social Club, on the last Tuesday of each month and rebranded
"Jazz at the Bardswell". The rhythm trio at the time of the move, consisted of John China, keyboard, Ted Simkins, bass and host Dave Grant on drums. Sadly, in 2012, the trio became depleted by the loss of John China who passed away to that great club above, after holding the keyboard post for many, many years and who is fondly remembered by a host of regular club stalwarts. John was subsequently replaced by the current keyboardist, Hilary Cameron who continues to enjoy her monthly gig at the Club amid her other musical commitments. Recent debut guests include Jim Douglas, Jeff Williams, Simon Hurley, Andy Watson, Catherine Lima, Ian Salmon, Kevin Mcmahon, Mike Sagrott, Bill Yeomans, Andy Dickens, Neale Ridding, Pete Cooper, Graham Hunter, Chris Storey, Dan Banks Miguel Gorodi, Cliff Mason and Dave Jago.

However, at the end of 2016, negotiations to continue at the Bardswell Social Club failed and a new venue once more needed to be found. Club supporters rallied to find an alternative venue to stay within the Brentwood area and found that the sporting facilities created by graduates of the private Brentwood School was available on Tuesday evenings. An agreement was reached with Old Brentwoods' Club situated in Ashwells Road, Brentwood. CM15 9SE, about four hundred meters from junction with the A.128 Ongar Road, and in keeping with the venue, has become known as "Jazz at O Bs" keeping the reference, phonecticaly, of Old Brentwoods' Club as referred to by their members.



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