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Review - Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

Jazz at OB's started the New Year with the delectable Catherine Lima, vocals, and Paul Higgs, keys, deputising for the absent Hilary Cameron, ably assisted by the resident duo, leader Dave Grant, kit, and Ted 'the hat' Simkins, bass.

To an enthusiastic audience, Catherine and Paul, played a very relaxed evening of jazz comprising tunes chosen of a mixture of reprised jazz standard songs from such notables as Peggy Lee,Sinatra, Blossom Dearie and Ellington along with some neglected ones, some of her own composition from her new album, 'Stories & Lies'. Paul , who produced the album, dovetailed with her admirably as she emulated several diverse singing styles.

A welcome return to both Catherine and Paul was shown by the audience.

John Constable


Catherine Lima, vocals

Photographs courtesy of

Brian Leith

Catherine, Paul, Dave and Ted


Review - 27th February, 2018

What a great shame the weather deterred jazz fans from attending a really exciting performance by the guitar duo of Andy Watson and Simon Hurley who played keeping the entire reduced audience as if entranced with their intriguing arrangements of a beautifully and varied programme with range of styles and tunes. They were ably accompanied by Ted Simkins on bass and Dave Grant, kit to create a fantastic entertaining evening.

Can't wait for their return to the Club.

Richard Marson

Andy Watson & Simon Hurley



Andy Watson & Simon Hurley, guitars,

 Dave Grant, kit and Ted Simkins, bass

Photographs courtesy of Brian Leith




Review - 27th March, 2018

An evening with Derek Clenshaw and Cliff Mason with the programme Triumphant Trombones, accompanied by the resident trio of Hilary 'the boot' Cameron, keys, Ted 'the hat' Simkins, bass and Dave Grant, kit

Unfortunately, even with the lighter evenings our regular audience support was similar to last month,, considerably reduced, and so many of our usuals missed an interesting selection of jazz standards.

With Derek taking the lead and Cliff backing him harmoniously, together with the resident backing trio, the audience warmed to a programme of tunes that included, Tangerine, Shiny Stockings, Nearness of You and my favourite Here's That Rainy Day a beautiful number for that lush trombone sound.

Richard Marson

Derek Clenshaw

Cliff Mason, Derek Clenshaw

& trio

Photographs courtesy of

Brian Leith


Cliff Mason





Review -  Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

The gig began with the resident trio playing that great Latin favourite One Note Samba before dave introduced  guests for the evening, Al Nicholls, tenor Sax and Andy Dickens, trumpet & flugelhorn who went straight in with the tune 'Someday You'll Be Sorry' and as Andy quipped is often played when they are at a wedding party. Andy had a stream of witty patter to keep the audience amused before continuing with the tunes, 'All Alone with the Telephone', Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You', 'Lousiana Fairytale' and 'When I Grow to Old to Dream' which ended the first set. After overcoming technical difficulties with Hilary's keyboard that refused to utter a single tone until a replacement cable was found. Andy then the second set opened , instantly looking distinctly in the direction of Hilary's keyboard, with 'I've got a Feeling About You' that was followed by a 1930's song 'I Want a Little Girl'. My favourite number of the evening was then played, 'The Carnivals in Town' where the whole group got in to it and closely followed by Hoagy Carmichaels, 'Old Rocking Chair' with nicely phrased vocals by Andy before the upbeat tune, 'Tenor Madness' where Al let loose, 'Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On' and finally Charlie Shavers favourite among jazz fans 'Undecided' ended the evening. A really great evening of jazz with a well thought out programme of music and banter that was closely listened to by an unfortunately small audience who neverthe less enjoyed the great nusicianship from our two excellent guests


Al Nicholls & Andy Dickens, 

& trio


Al & Andy  


Photographs courtesy of

Brian Leith






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