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Chico Chica's first visit to the Club was well received and the audience enjoyed an evening of appealing Latin American compositions, from the trio of Hilary Cameron, keys & vocals, Barbara Snow, trumpet & percussion, Tom Hannah, guitar and the resident rhythm duo, with the added interesting spoken voice accompaniments that a the crowd appreciated.

Resident trio Hilary Cameron,

Ted Simkins and Dave Grant

Photographs Chico Chica courtesy

Peter Henry Evans

January 2014


Chico Chica Hilary Cameron, keyboard. Barbara Snow, trumpet, 

Tom Hannah, guitar


Barbara Snow, trumpet Tom Hannah, guitar

Hilary Cameron & Barbara Snow


All appreciated the humour of the extremely talented Andy and Ryan Linham brothers, Andy on alto saxophone and younger brother Ryan, on trumpet with their many musical puns and choice of tunes, backed by Paul Higgs on keyboard, Ted Simkins, bass, Dave Grant on drums. No photos available. 


The unassuming, experienced clarinetist Tim Huskisson, gave an immaculate performance of a variety of music styles and tempos played by to the complete satisfaction of his audience, accompanied by Hilary Cameron on keyboard and the resident rhythm duo.            No photos.


A surprise this evening with Billy Magee on drums, also Sharon Scott, adding some vocals to accompany star of the evening Paul Higgs. Paul loves to surprise and it began with the story of a visit Paul made to Paris with his family and this set the tone for a hilarious evening when we were periodically reminded of the incident. Paul played brilliantly and acknowledged with warm applause. You missed an excellent evening's entertainment.

No photos.


The experienced percussionist , John Withers, on a rainy evening that had affected attendance, welcomed those that did turn up on a wet night, enjoyed an evening of subtle sounds produced by Johnny, bending notes, Hilary, tickling the ivories, Ted, sliding on the strings and Billy Magee tapping his double bass pedal. John's, musical melody quiz theme word was 'Smile' despite the weather. 

Johnny Withers

leading on vibraphone

Ted 'The Hat' Simkins skeleton bass

Hilary Cameron

 tickling the ivories



Andy Linham is a hugely talented young musician growing in stature with every performance and this evening was no exception. An extremely entertaining evening ensued and towards the end enjoyed the unexpected sound of some scat vocals from Hilary Cameron.      

Andy Linham, saxes


Dave Grant, drums


Andy Linham & resident trio



Graham Pike, the multi-instrumentalist on chromatic harmonica, trumpet, flugelhorn, valve trombone created some unusual sounds with the trio of Paul Higgs, keyboard, residents Dave and Ted. He interacted superbly with the audience and fellow musicians creating the ideal Club ambience that was appreciated by all present.

Graham Pike, trombone


 Graham Pike, trumpet with Paul Higgs, Ted Simkins and Dave Grant


Graham Pike the complete entertainer with the resident trio



Graham Hunter produced an evening focused around the music of trumpet legend Chet Baker. The wise Paul Higgs, on keyboard, suggested that for playing 'I Fall in Love to Easily' in the key of F, they could probably get an Arts Council Grant which brought more than a smile from the audience. After the interval we were treated to the delightful voice of Sharon Scott, whilst Graham, on valve bass trombone, asked Paul, this time on trumpet, to join him on two well known tunes associated with Chet Baker, 'Line for Lyons' and 'Bernies Tune'. The evening ended as Graham sang his way through the tune 'A Room with a View Blues' and with a harmonica he brought the blues feeling to all around. The general consensus was a thoroughly entertaining evening.


Graham Hunter, valve trombone

and Paul Higgs, trumpet


Graham Hunter, trpt

Graham Hunter with the trio, Paul Higgs, keys & trpt, Ted Simkins, bass

and Dave Grant, drums


Julian Marc Stringle and Dominic Ashworth once more demonstrated their outstanding talent to a good crowd who acknowledged the special blend that these two musicians create. Apart from Hilary forgetting her keyboard stand which was overcome with the help of a table, that she felt created better stability, the first set incorporated many well known tunes both in style and rhythms. The first request played was 'Rhapsody in Blue' , their party piece, followed by Julian soloing on 'Poor Butterfly' swiftly followed by a Dominic solo with 'Nuages'. These music makers never fail to satisfy.

Julian Marc Stringle with   

Dominic Ashworth


Resident trio of Hilary Cameron, Ted Simkins and Dave Grant    

    Julian Marc Stringle with       Dominic Ashworth



Carole Braithwaite, performed some of her favourite tunes brilliantly in a variety of styles and rhythms ably accompanied by Mike Sagrott guitar and the resident trio. The evening, included 'On Green Dolphin Street', 'Cry Me a River', 'Stella by Starlight' and that old winner 'Sweet Georgia Brown' . The Club always encourages new talent and Carole cajoled Rosie, a budding young singer from the audience, to join her in a duet to sing 'Fly Me to the Moon' which received a rousing applause for her first effort at the Club.

Carole Braithwaite with resident trio

     Resident trio of Hilary Cameron,      Ted Simkins and Dave Grant

Mike Sagrott, guitar & resident trio


A Great Party Night with the Christmas Crew, evident from the numbers attending, began with the tune 'Way Back in Indiana' and set the scene for the evening. It continued very much following the traditional jazz style but with the odd mainstream tune, Herbie Hancock's 'Watermelon Man',  some vocals by Gary Wood and a pleasantly rendered solo of 'Body & Soul' by Martin Nickless, clarinet. The second set began with vocals by our almost resident songstress, Sharon Scott with 'Moonlight in Vermont'. A big thank you go to both Dave & Joyce Grant for arranging a fantastic buffet for the interval which was appreciated by all present. We look forward to more surprises and live music in the New Year.

Christmas Party Night



The Christmas Crew

Derek Clenshaw, trb, Gary Wood, trpt, Martin Nickless, clnet, Tim Huskisson, keys, Dave Grant, drs, Ted Simkins bass

      guest vocalist Sharon Scott      

Christmas Party Night




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